Flexible and experienced support
VTTI is a young, but ambitious player in the world of storage and movement of mineral oils. From 2006, a storage capacity of more than one million cubic metres was created in a very short period of time at the ETT Moezelweg location (on the former Kemira site). The organisation is always looking for new and better ways to service the client as well as possible.

Looking at the organisation from the perspective of the professionals, it’s safe to say it’s fit for purpose. This means that the primary and the support processes have been optimised and, where necessary, we examine where further support is needed. This support is then provided. In this way, we discovered that a check was needed of the technical drawings, the asset list and a cross-check in the field. Because the time for inductions is short, we were looking for someone with experience who would quickly add value.

We told PCS our needs and they responded immediately with a proposal: a seasoned professional who had earned his stripes in the industry and, although already retired, was looking to work for a few days a week. By a stroke of coincidence, the candidate was already familiar with the site, given his background at Kemira. After a short induction period, the candidate was ready to start work.

Apart from the fact that we were immediately able to benefit from the breadth of knowledge and experience, we also used this knowledge and experience for the induction of two new professionals. This makes it a real win-win-win situation. The request that we had was immediately filled, the worker was happy and PCS has another happy client.

Ivo van der GaagMaintenance Manager NL VTTI BV (ETT site)

PCS has a team of highly skilled consultants with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

They keep up with developments and really know what’s going on in the chemicals industry. In my experience, the consultants perform a thorough selection procedure to select professionals that match the values and the culture of the organisation. Personal contact with the consults of PCS means that there is good consultation between the client and PCS, and throughout this process the focus is on the quality of the candidate to ensure an enduring relationship.

Sander de GrootPlant Manager Nufarm BV

As site manager of a new plant and given that we are still in the start-up phase, we needed qualified, reliable and experienced people. After contacting PCS, they offered us the right people quickly and in a professional manner. The experience and the professional attitude of these people have certainly added value to our organisation. Communication between PCS and our organisation during the assignment was smooth and pleasant.

Christian JacobsPlant Manager